With over 20 years’ experience, Informatec has established a name in central Europe and globally as a leader in consulting and in the implementation of comprehensive business intelligence solutions. This innovator’s first South African expansion will start on 27 July 2022 with the launch of their spearhead product iVIEW Data Automation Framework, which enhances the potential of the Qlik technology. Qlik is an established provider of self-service business intelligence software, executive dashboards and data analytics tools.

The new iVIEW solution, which Informatec will make available to South African users, offers a framework for data automation that includes three different products. iVIEW Dataflow responsible for data integration, iVIEW Library for data governance and iVIEW Designer for data visualization.  It allows for central administration and distribution of business content across Qlik applications and automation of the deployment process for the entire Qlik ecosystem. It also provides organisations the opportunity to build a data culture within their business.

The iVIEW Data Automation Framework is a Qlik-integrated toolkit for business leaders who understand the value of building a modern data-driven organization and having these capabilities on hand and in-house. iVIEW enables enterprises to effectively expand their existing business intelligence solution and build data capacity across their organization. This is done by removing the complexity of code, mastering the management of KPIs (key performance indicators) required for analysis and empowering business users to visualize data.

“We are committed to our business slogan – experience the sense of tomorrow”, says Rino Mentil, CEO and Founder at Informatec. “Informatec has established itself as a preferred provider of comprehensive business intelligence (BI) solutions in the DACH region across industries and now wants to provide this solution to South African businesses. We empower our customers with company-wide transparency of their data to identify cost saving opportunities and maximize their sales potential. iVIEW assists in visualizing business-relevant data in simple, accessible and tangible formats. This will allow South African business owners to make well-found strategic and operational choices. Transparent and dependable corporate management is no longer a pipe dream, but the foundation for a prosperous future. We are thrilled to provide this service to South Africa.  As the iVIEW slogan says: It´s time to see data clearly”

For more information or enquiries, visit our website on www.iview.io or www.informatec.com