MindThrive commissioned Z PR Marketing & Digital Marketing in November of this year to provide coaching on how to effectively use Marketing and Digital Marketing.

MindThrive is a human resource consulting firm based in central South Africa.

This initiative arose from the need for small and medium-sized companies to achieve success and profitability, while adhering to HRM legislation and regulations.

Their mission is to guide companies in implementing strategic business and human resource practices within their corporate and employment environments.

With their clients they develop tailored and workable strategic and HR plans and services that are affordable.

MindThrive has access to a network of top consultants to meet their client’s needs.

They also empower clients to do better business by improving the management of their people and their company as a whole.


Services provided by MindThrive:

  • Development of general HR policies
  • Development and implementation of grievance & disciplinary procedures
  • Health & Safety policies & procedures
  • Job evaluation & payroll
  • Training & development
  • Performance management
  • Psychometric assessments
  • General training & development
  • Leadership development & executive coaching


Contact MindThrive on 083 4437714 or email jhperasmus@mindthrive.co.za.