Bloemfontein: PC Bruwer and Partners, a well-known auditing firm that has been in operation since 1973 in Bloemfontein, is pleased to announce the appointment of two new directors to its team. André and Pierre Bester, two highly qualified and experienced professionals, have joined the firm as directors as of 1 March 2023.

The new directors will be working alongside the current directors Connie Bruwer and Arnold (Tappa) Theron, who have been with the firm since its inception. Arnold became a partner in 1988 and has played a key role in the growth and success of the firm.

PC Bruwer and Partners has a long history of providing high-quality auditing services to clients across various industries. The firm has been a training ground for many young professionals, and over the years, more than 100 trainee accountants have completed their practical training at the firm.

Both André and Pierre Bester are among those who completed their practical training at the firm, and several of them currently hold leadership and management positions in academic, business and professional worlds.

The appointment of André and Pierre Bester as directors is part of the ongoing expansion of the firm. The new directors bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the firm, and they will play a key role in helping P C Bruwer and Partners to continue providing exceptional service to its clients.

“We are delighted to welcome André and Pierre Bester to our team of directors,” said Connie Bruwer, founder of PC Bruwer and Partners. “Their experience and expertise will be invaluable as we continue to grow and expand our operations. We look forward to working with them to provide the best possible service to our clients.”