Project Description

Project Brief: Z PR, a leading public relations and marketing agency, was tasked with organising the SuperSport Let’s Play Sport Star of the Month competition in the Central Region of South Africa. The objective of the competition was to identify and recognize outstanding young sports people in the region and provide them with a platform to showcase their talents. Z PR’s responsibilities included managing the competition across nine regional newspapers and coordinating the crowning event at the end of the year.

Challenge: Running a competition of this magnitude across multiple newspapers presented several challenges. Z PR had to ensure a seamless process of selecting the monthly winners and organising the crowning event. Additionally, coordinating with the participating newspapers, managing media relations, and handling event logistics required careful planning and efficient execution.

Solution and Skills Applied:

Z PR developed a comprehensive strategy to successfully run the SuperSport Let’s Play Sport Star of the Month competition. The process began by collaborating with nine regional newspapers, including Noordkaap, Express Northern Cape, Express Mangaung, Express Eastern Free State, Kalahari Bulletin, Bloemnews, Vista, Kroonnews, and Vrystaat News. Z PR coordinated with each newspaper to establish the criteria for selecting the monthly winners.

To promote the competition, Z PR conducted extensive public relations activities, including media releases, interviews and feature articles in the participating newspapers. This generated widespread awareness and encouraged young sports people to participate. Z PR also managed the competition entries, ensuring a fair selection process and maintaining the integrity of the competition.

At the end of each month, Z PR worked closely with the participating newspapers to choose ten winners from each publication. These monthly winners were then invited to a grand crowning event held in Bloemfontein, Welkom, Kimberley and Bethlehem. Z PR took charge of event management, overseeing all aspects such as venue selection, logistics, invitations, and media liaison.

As part of the crowning event, SuperSport’s camera crew attended to capture the highlights and conduct interviews with the winners. Z PR facilitated seamless coordination between SuperSport and the winners, ensuring a smooth filming process and capturing the essence of the competition.

Outcome: Z PR’s efforts in organizing the SuperSport Let’s Play Sport Star of the Month competition were highly successful. The competition received significant participation from young sports people across the Central Region. The partnership with the regional newspapers and SuperSport helped generate extensive media coverage and publicity for the winners and their achievements.

The crowning events held in Bloemfontein, Welkom, Kimberley and Bethlehem was a grand celebration of the winners’ accomplishments. The presence of SuperSport’s camera crew added a touch of prestige and further enhanced the recognition for the young sports people.

Through effective event management, public relations, media liaison and seamless coordination, Z PR successfully executed the SuperSport Let’s Play Sport Star of the Month and Year competitions, contributing to the promotion of youth sports and showcasing the talent within the Central Region.