In a world thirsting for meaning, peace and stability amidst its whirlwind of change, the climb up Mount Everest symbolises life’s tumultuous yet rewarding journey. Imagine a Sherpa guide, unraveling the secrets of comfort zones, shedding anchors, lightening the load of your backpack (your baggage), guiding you through burnout and nurturing traits of humility, empathy and spiritual enlightenment. Ansja Ferreira dives into Mother Earth’s classroom, revealing the keys to consciousness, the potency of our thoughts, ways to safeguard our vitality and the art of seeing everyday wonders. Her writings explore self-mastery and achieving equilibrium in mind, body and soul.

Life, a kaleidoscope of experiences, offers pain and profound lessons. Through “‘n Sjerpa vir jou lewensreis” (translation: A sherpa for your life journey), Ansja extends an empathetic hand, sharing the wisdom gleaned from her own journey. Amidst life’s imperfect tapestry, she motivates each of us to ascend our personal Everest and triumph.

In “La – A Journey to the Light,” Ansja navigates loss, narrating her expedition with angels from the abyss towards the radiant Light.

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