Media release issued by Z PR.

On Sunday 13 March 2016, South African Breweries Central Region, delivered more than 30,000 litres of water to the drought stricken Winburg and Makeleketla township.

Santie Bothma (administrative clerk at Winburg District hospital), who acts as the head-volunteer for the water distribution project in Winburg, says that in the beginning they used to receive water from towns throughout South Africa. Due to the drought worsening, and less and less water begin available, the water donations have became much less.

The Watergat (waterhole), was established three months ago. Thus far they have re-distributed a massive 1.5 million litres of water to the community.  People come daily between 16:00 and 18:00 to collect water. The nearby church also has water tanks where people can collect water. The rations are 4 x 5 litres per day per household. At this moment, the Watergat is helping +- a 1000 people per day, thus 20,000 litres of water daily. This includes water distribution to clinics, police stations, homes for the elderly and welfare organisations.

Says Santie Botha: “A person can survive without food for a while, but to survive without water is impossible. There are no politics or hidden agendas – we are in a genuine urgent need of water. Thank you South African Breweries – you have made a massive difference”.

Jarques Koekemoer, General Manager at South African Breweries Central Region, says: “At South African Breweries Central region, we are all about uplifting our communities and having impactful drives towards sustainable growth in these environments. Their well-being and health are a priority to us. Water scarcity has been major concern in throughout SA and the Freestate is one of the areas that have been highly impacted by this drought. We will continuously be committed in supporting our communities especially with ominous matters similar to the one at hand. We hope that this contribution will make a big difference in the community of  Winburg and Makeleketla

South African Breweries is planning further initiatives to assist with disaster relief projects in the central region. For more information, contact Kgosi Mogotsi on 0514068566 or Santie Bothma from Watergat on 082 973 2240.