On Wednesday 14 June 2017, South African Breweries Central Region, Coca-Cola Central and Nissan joined forces to bring hope to the Iphahamise Child And Youth Care Centre in Batho location, a township in Mangaung. The three corporates donated more than R250,000’s worth of items in the form of a variety of refurbishments, computers, furniture blankets, plumbing, and much more, to uplift the living conditions of the children who live at the centre.

Says SAB Corporate Affairs Manager, Kgosi Mogotsi: “SAB is involved because we know that it’s very important for us to contribute towards the future of South Africa, and the youth is a group that holds the future of this country. This centre is for the destitute children and they need a lot of help and support. We just want to make sure that the kids here have a better chance in life, they get to experience what other kids experience and also to make sure that they have a great future”.

Iphahamise Child And Youth Care Centre look after more than 60 children, aged between 3 to 21 years old. Says Aubrey Williams, founder and owner of the centre, “You have lifted a big weight off my shoulders. I am so grateful for all you are doing”.

Said Mr Billy Tom, GM from CCBSA: “Today we are in Batho, which is part of the Mangaung Township. It’s one of the oldest townships in Bloemfontein. We are here to serve the community. We are upgrading the facilities of this child and youth care centre for these children. A message for the youth is that we are all individuals, irrespective of our backgrounds. If you apply yourself and are disciplined in terms of getting to your goals, nothing can stop you.”

The HOD for Social Development for the Free State, Ms Mokone Nthongoa also attended the event. She said that Iphahamise is a centre that takes care of abandoned vulnerable children (both girls and boys) and the department subsidises the centre so that all those children can be taken care of.

Regional Director for central region Mr Jacques Koekemoer said: In our company we have a strong philosophy around our communities, creating a better world out there that is growing, cleaner and healthier for our communities. We’re here to make a difference. It’s not just about financial investment, but committing some time as well towards development.  We are excited about our contribution because we believe by the end of today, in collaboration with CCBSA and other partners, the whole centre will be revamped and the children will have an opportunity to see a better world. They are the future leaders of this country. The most important message for the youth is that they always need to be positive, and they need to look for opportunities that exist to help them become better versions of themselves. It’s easy in life to focus on the negative. There are only 24 hours in a day, you can choose to spend that energy reflecting on the negative or you can spend that energy doing activities that contribute towards positivity and better opportunities.

For more information, contact Kgosi Mogotsi Corporate Affairs Manager on 0514068566 or send him an email Kgosi.Mogotsi@za.sabmiller.com