Twenty-six (26) dancers from Dance Domination Marilize Griffiths in Bloemfontein has qualified to take part in the Disco World Championships in Chomutov, Czech Republic in June this year.

Under the guidance of Marilize Griffiths from Dance Domination Bloemfontein the dancers who respectively compete under the names Velocity (12-15 WTC Disco Small Group), Dis-qite 5 (11 and under WTC Disco Small Groups) and Synergy (16&O WTC Disco Formations), has competed in a series of National competitions that have been held in various provinces during the course of 2016 and has excelled throughout the season, ranking no 1 in South Africa for 2016.

The dancers are: Tanielle Moody (18  – Student UFS), Ashley Groenewald (18  – Sentraal High School), Nadene Barkhuizen (17  – Sentraal High School), Audrey Barkhuizen (15  – Sentraal High School), Lalique Titus (16  – St Michaels), Mine Pulzone (17  – Oranje Girls School), Elandri Pulzone (15  – Oranje Girls School), Marike Louw (16  – Sentraal High School), Erin van Zyl (14  – Sentraal High School), Mikal Potgieter (14  – Sentraal High School), Zendre du Plessis (16  – Oranje Girls School), Sune Foord (15  – Sentraal High School), Allison Lombard (14  – Sentraal High School), van den Heever Gabby (14  – Oranje Girls School), Danielle Breytenbach (14  – Oranje Girls School), Logan Landman (13  – Grey College), Sarah-Anne McKay (14  – Eunice High School), Vilandi Boshoff (14  – Sentraal High School), Alri Vorster (20  – Student Ufs), Nadine Cairns (21  – Student Ufs), Gemma Coetzee (21  – Student Ufs), Rushelle Griffiths (10  – Willem Postma), Elsje Joubert (9  – Willem Postma), Char-lene Boshoff (10  – Willem Postma), Gabrielle Pienaar (10  – Oranje Girls School) and Danyelle Pienaar (8  – Oranje Girls School).

In addition, the Bloemfontein studio also has the following solo and duo rankings in South Africa: Ranking 1st for 11 & Under Disco Duo – Rushelle Griffiths/Char-Lene Boshoff,  3rd for

11 & Under Disco Solo – Char-lene Boshoff, 2nd for 12/15 Disco Duo – Danielle Breytenbach/Allison Lombard, 16 & Over – Nadene Barkhuizen/Zendre du Plessis, 5th in 12/15 Disco Solo – Mikal Potgieter, 3rd 12/15 Disco Freestyle, Mikal Potgieter and 4th Vilandi Boshoff.

Says Marilize Griffiths: “I am incredibly proud of my dancers. Not only did they qualify for the Disco World Championships, they also rank 1 in South Africa in their respective groups. I am sure we are going to make South Africa proud.”

The Disco World Championships falls under the IDO (International Dance Organization) – a World Dance- and Dancesport Federation with a membership of over 90 nations, representing more than 250,000 dancers, from six continents.

The studio welcomes any contribution to the team to alleviate the costs to travel to Chomutov, Czech Republic. Dance Domination will also be hosting a Bingo evening on 10 March 2017. For more information or donations to the team, contact Marilize Griffiths on 082 3750021 or e-mail or contact Lynne Landman on 051 5229574 or email