Z PR was tasked by Interstate Bus Lines (IBL) to take photos for their upcoming 2019 calendar. Photos were taken at:  BotshabeloBrandfortCentral ParkDan PienaarFreedom SquareKoot NiemanKyriosSoutpan and Thaba ‘Nchu.

Z PR in-house photographer, Pieter Bruwer and IBL route controller Frank Ntsane, traveled to various IBL locations and took some beautiful photos.

As part of the project, we also ran a social media campaign for IBL where commuters / social media visitors could “vote” for their favourite photos by “liking” their chosen photos. This campaign was mostly based on organic likes. The time to vote was from 16 September to 19 October 2018. Click here to see all the photos:  BotshabeloBrandfortCentral ParkDan PienaarFreedom SquareKoot NiemanKyriosSoutpan and Thaba ‘Nchu.

This campaign was a massive success with 50% growth (1339 new likes) on Facebook over a period of a month.

We would like to thank IBL for trusting us with this great campaign.

Below are some of our favourite photos.