Z PR had the honor of being the event organisers of the unforgettable SuperSport World Football Party (2009) for the Deo Juvante Youth Care Centre.

On October 17, 2009, SuperSport hosted a World Football Party brimming with excitement for the Deo Juvante Youth Care Centre. The party was sparked by Mrs. Daphne Minopetros, the triumphant winner of the SuperSport World Football Competition. Her visionary idea of celebrating with the center’s young residents brought the event to life.

At the heart of this effort were Daphne and her husband Johnny, who play vital roles as child and youth care parents at the center. With Mrs. Minopetros’s six years of dedication in child and youth care work and Johnny’s commitment as a South African Defense Force Health and Safety Officer, the couple’s synergy was evident. Their teamwork extended to their own family of three sons and one adopted son, while also embracing the role of grandparents to four. Johnny’s active involvement in the youth care center was especially noteworthy.

The World Football competition, launched in collaboration with OFM, offered a grand prize of a Sony Bravia 40” LCD television, a Sony Playstation 3 console, and an exhilarating football party for 20 people worth R20,000. For existing DStv subscribers, the stakes were raised with the chance to win an HD PVR and a Sony home theatre system.

The SuperSport-hosted event was a spectacle to behold. The Let’s Play initiative brought joy through Let’s Play Soccer Balls, draw-string bags, T-shirts, and caps, illuminating smiles on every child’s face. The party essentials, from food to furniture, were graciously supplied by SuperSport, while Multichoice added to the allure with a large-screen globe TV set up outdoors, where guests gathered to watch the Cheetahs take on the Sharks.

Daphne’s elation about the SuperSport party radiated through her own words, “It was pure magic! Thank you!” This celebration marked a true collaboration of efforts, creating cherished memories that will forever resonate in the hearts of all involved.