SuperSport World Football Party (2009)

Z PR had the privilege to organise the SuperSport World Football Party (2009) for Deo Juvante Youth Care Centre.

On Saturday 17 October 2009, SuperSport hosted a World Football Party for Deo Juvante Youth Care Centre. Mrs. Daphne Minopetros, was the winner of the SuperSport World Football Competition and thought it a great idea to host the party for the young inhabitants of the centre.

Daphne and her husband Johnny, are the child and youth care parents at the centre. Mrs. Minopetros has been working as a child and youth care worker for the past 6 years. Her husband is a member of the South African Defence Force as a Health and Safety Officer. They have three sons of their own and one adopted son. They are also grand parents to four grand children. The Minopetros couple work as a team and compliment one another. Johnny plays an active role in taking care of the children of the youth care centre.

The World Football competition was launched in conjunction with OFM where the winner could win a Sony Bravia 40” LCD television, a Sony Playstation 3 console and a football party for 20 people to the value of R20,000. Existing DStv subscribers could win an additional HD PVR and a Sony home theatre system.

SuperSport hosted the party with much flair – while Let’s Play brought smiles to all the children with Let’s Play Soccer Balls, draw-string bags, T-shirts and caps. SuperSport supplied everything needed for the party, including the food, drinks, chairs, tables, plates, and cutlery. Multichoice also came in with a big-screen globe TV that was set-up outside for all the guests to watch the match between the Cheetah’s and the Sharks.

Daphne was overwhelmed with joy about the SuperSport party. Describing her emotions about the event in her own words: “It was absolute magic! Thank you!”