Spec-Savers Free State continued with their quest to make the lives of the less fortunate that much better. The organization who in February donated 500 Spec-Lamps to Thaba Patchoa Community Forum and 200 to the Klipkerk for communities who are disadvantaged, distributed a further 150 Spec-Lamps to Elanja Children’s Initiative and the Beudene Home for the Disabled. Eveready also came onboard and sponsored batteries for all the Spec-Lamps that we handed out.

Elanja Children’s Initiative was founded in 1999 and is a Non Profit Organization working to meet the daily needs of about 600 underprivileged children in Bloemfontein’s Heidedal area. The Spec-lamps will be given to children attending the Grade 7 youth camp in September. Four Primary Schools are involved with this initiative. “When finances are available we enjoy taking the children to the seaside as not one of them has ever seen the sea. Alternatively, we take them to an inland camping site. The purpose of this camp is to help reinforce what we have attempted to impart to the children over the previous years. We want to thank Spec-Savers and Eveready out of the bottom of our hearts for the donation of the Spec-lamps and Eveready batteries.” says Willem Egelhoff of Elanja Children’s Initiative.

Beudene is a specialized daycare centre that provides therapeutic activities for children with specials needs. At the head and at the heart of it all is Beulah van Aswegen. With Beulah only charging her families what most of us would spend on takeaways in a month, she relies heavily on donations, but admits that she has never spent a sleepless night worrying about finances. “God provides,” she says with heartfelt sincerity. “Whenever we’ve desperately needed something, a cheque would appear or a donation would manifest. We’ve been truly blessed. We would like to thank Spec-Savers and Eveready for their generous donation!”

Lynne Landman, Public Relations representative of Spec-Savers Free State says: “The joy on the faces of these individuals warmed my heart. It’s always nice to know that one has helped someone. Spec-Savers really go out of their way to assist the less fortunate. I’m also grateful to Elbie Louw, Social and Community Development Manager of Spoudazo Enterprises for putting me in touch with Elanja and Beaudene. These Spec-Lamps and Eveready Batteries mean so much to them.”