On Saturday 16 October, Spec-Savers Bloemfontein in conjunction with various sponsors, held a special tree planting day at “Ons Kinderhuis”, a local youth centre and orphanage in Bloemfontein.

The initiative by Spec-Savers was two-part in focus – firstly to give back to the environment by planting 60 Spec-trees at the orphanage and thus minimizing the carbon footprint and secondly – to grow Spec-Savers social responsibility focus by giving the children of the orphanage (110 in total) various gifts and treats, and making the community aware of the special needs of these children.

Sponsors involved on the day were: Z PR Communication and Public Relations Consultants, Diary Belle, OFM, PwC, Herbalife (Wilma Prinsloo), Pretty Gardens Trust, Falckvlei Motors (Emile Mellet), Johan Myburgh, the four Spec-Savers practices in Bloemfontein and Spec-Savers Head Office (Rosa Maartens).

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Everyone left with a feeling of achievement and betterment of the community and environment.