Marketing tips and tricks: How to create a basic email signature using Microsoft Word and import it into Outlook

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Step 1:

  • Make sure you are online.
  • Open Microsoft Word (we use MS Office Professional Plus 2019).
  • Click on File and then New. Under “Search for templates”, type email signature and press enter.
  • You will see one search result: Email signature gallery.
  • Click on it and press create.
  • It will open a file with some ready-created email signatures.

Step 2:

  • Scroll through the available templates and choose a template that you like.
  • Highlight the whole signature and press Ctrl and C (or right click to copy).
  • Click File, New, Click Ctrl and V (or right click to paste).

Step 3:

  • Edit your information on the template.
  • To change the colour of the top block, highlight the whole block, click on Design at the top menu, click on Shading with a colour you prefer.
  • Highlight your text that you would like to colour change, and click on Home, and choose your text colour.
  • To change the picture on your signature, click on the picture, right click and choose Change Picture – choose where you are storing your picture e.g. from a file, etc. Stretch your picture to the size you prefer.
  • Click on the social media icons (make sure you know your social media hyperlinks). Right click – click on Link. Where it says Address at the bottom of the screen, paste your hyperlink. Do this with the rest of your social media buttons. If there is a social media site that you do not use, simply delete the additional button and edit the spacing. Your signature is now ready to be used in Outlook.

Step 4:

  • Open Outlook. Click on File. At the bottom of the screen, click on Options. Outlook Options will open. Click on Mail and then click on Signatures.
  • Click on New and name your signature. Go back to your word document and highlight your signature. Ctrl and c to copy the signature. Go back to Outlook and Ctrl and V or right click and paste the signature. At the top – make sure to choose your default e-mail account and also when this signature should be displayed e.g. new messages and replies / forwards. Click Ok.