KTV Market Day & Mzansi Magic Market Day (1999-2012)

Z PR was the official coordinators of the KTV & Mzansi Magic Market Days which took place annually from 1999 – 2012. The market days are an effective, inexpensive and fun opportunity for your learners to experience the world of business and to learn vital entrepreneurial skills that will empower them for the future.  With less than 15% of the school-leaving population finding formal employment, learners need to learn to initiate and manage their own businesses for the future.

Learners are given a stall (free of charge) to sell their products at KTV & Mzansi Magic Market Days and encourages public attendance with nation-wide media releases advertising the day.

Past experience has shown that the buying public is impressed and intrigued by the variety and inventiveness of these entrepreneurs, and the young traders go home at the end of the day with money-boxes filled with cash!  It’s the perfect way to teach your learners to run their own businesses!