SuperSport Let’s Play Sport Star of the Year Awards – Northern Cape – 30 November 2017



The prestigious SuperSport Let’s Play Sport Star of the Year Awards for the Northern Cape newspapers were held on Thursday 30 November at the Flamingo Casino Conference Centre. First and second places were awarded for our three newspaper partners – Northern Cape Express, Noordkaap and Kalahari Bulletin.

Our guest speakers for the day were Eugene Jacobs – the CEO of Northern Cape Cricket and Geraldine Faber from Spec-Savers.

Eugene emphasized that parents should be supportive of their children’s dreams and not force their own dreams on their children. He also said that kids must be supported to become the best they can be.


Spec-Savers came on board by sponsoring 2 x R1000 coupons for the first and second place winners for each newspaper as well as a lucky draw voucher for the parents.

The awards ceremony was a resounding success with over 70 attendees. The coveted awards went to:


1st place – Let’s Play Sport Star of the Year for Express Northern Cape

Frances van der Merwe (15)

Frances van der Merwe (15) a Gr. 9 learner of Diamantveld High School in Kimberley, has been chosen as Express Northern Cape’s Let’s Play Sports Star of the Year 2017. Francis was chosen for her sporting achievements in athletics, biathlon, swimming, cross-country, hockey and trail running. She has been the girls u.15 Griqualand-West biathlon and cross-country champion for the past two years. She also achieved provincial colours and took part in the South African championships for both disciplines. She is a swimmer at the Flamingo Aquatics Club and plays for her school’s u.16B hockey team. Of course she does not in any way neglect her love for Irish dance, as well as contemporary dance. On 1 July, Francis achieved a third place in the category for females 16 to 30 years at the Montafon-Arlberg 16 km trailrun in Austria. Her motto is: ”Aspire to inspire before you expire.”



2nd place – Let’s Play Sport Star of the Year for Express Northern Cape

Darian Booysen (14)

Darian Booysen (14), a grade 8 pupil from St Patricks CBC attained his 1st Dan black belt in karate in May 2017. He also made the Free State team for the JKA Karate South African championships that was held in Johannesburg in May and won a silver medal for kumite in his age group and received his SA JKA colours in karate and competed at the JKA World Championships in Limerick, Ireland in August 2017 and is now ranked joined 9th in the world in the JKA Karate boys 14-year-old kumite. He has made the Griqualand West JKA karate team every year since 2013. He is also a provincial (2016) and level-two swimmer. He is currently the top 14 year old 50 metre freestyle swimmer in the Northern Cape, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal and the Free State Region, who competed at the South African level-two Regional Championships in March.

At the level-two championship in Sasolburg he won four gold medals and two silver medals. He also does biathlon and made the Griqua boys’ u.15 team that competed in the Biathlon SA Championships in April 2017. He also made the GW boys’ under 15 team that qualified to partake in the Southern Free State Interprovincial in October 2017 and won 3rd place. Numerous school sports awards including Sports Winner of the Year, Junior Victor Ludorum, Most Promising Young Sportsman and High School Highest points Scorer.



1st place – Let’s Play Sport Star of the Year for Noordkaap

Hardus van der Merwe (12)

At just 12 years of age Hardus van der Merwe, a learner at Newton Primary School in Kimberley, has already proven himself as a versatile sportsman in many disciplines such as athletics, biathlon, swimming, cross country rugby.

To add to that list he even plays a little soccer on the side for the Ritchie Young Pace Setters FC.

Hardus is a hard worker who believes in the motto: ”The more you sweat in times of peace, the less you bleed in war”.

His other motto, borrowed from Usain Bolt, that “Anything is possible. Don’t think limits” rings true;

In 2017 alone Hardus:

-Became the Northern Cape 1200m champion

-Finished 11th at the South African Championships

-Obtained Griqua colours in Biathlon

-Finished 18th at the South African Championships

-Obtained Griqualand-West colours in cross country. Became the u.12 Griqualand West cross country champion and took part in the South African Cross Country Championships

-Qualified for SA level 2 in swimming

-Was included in Newton Primary School’s u.13 A rugby team

-Was included in Newton Primary School’s u.13 B cricket team

Hardus has performed not just at a regional or national level, but also on an  international level. In July, he achieved second place in the males’ 16 to 30 years category at the MontafonArlberg 16 km trailrun in Austria, Europe.


2nd place – Let’s Play Sport Star of the Year for Noordkaap

Albertus Human (16)

Albertus Human (16), a gr. 11 student at Adamantia High School in Kimberley, is a versatile sportsman who participates in rugby, athletics and wrestling.

However, wrestling is where Albertus’s true passion lies, as one can see from many achievements he has achieved at local, national and international levels in recent years.

Albertus started his wrestling career in 2006 and is a registered wrestler at the Indie climbing club in Kimberley as well as a member of the Northern Cape Stewardship Association.

He even opened his own wrestling club, the Phoenix-wrestling club in Kimberley, to keep children off the streets. Since 2006 he has qualified for his Northern Cape provincial colors in amateur rugby annually.

Albertus’s motto is: “I do what God gave me to do. It was his talent that I received, and now I showcase this to others. ”


1st place – Let’s Play Sport Star of the Year for Kalahari Bulletin

Sebastiaan Jobb (18)

Sebastiaan Jobb, a grade 12 learner from Duineveld  High School (18) has over the last couple of years worked very hard to reach his goals in sport – be it in athletics or on the rugby field. He has competed on a local, national and international level and has achieved on all platforms. Some highlights include:

* For athletics: formed part of the provincial team

For Ruby:

* SA Schools Rugby 7’s Academy

* Hero of the day at Cravenweek

* Won the final of the SA Sevens and the Capricorn Sevens International Tournament in Nambibie, Windhoek

For players like Sebastiaan, this is the beginning of a long and successful sporting career.

Sebastiaan’s motto is: “Give God all the glory and your path will be prosperous”.


2nd place – Let’s Play Sport Star of the Year for Kalahari Bulletin

Hendré Maritz (9)

Hendré (9) is an passionate equestrian and also plays rugby and cricket. He managed to achieve the impossible for his young age in 2017. The young rider performed excellently in the South African horse riding championship held at the Bloemshow in Bloemfontein. Hendré, being his first time to participate at the Bloemshow, won no less than two South African championship titles.

The South African championships is one of the most challenging competitions that a rider can take part in.

Hendré’s motto is: “If you work hard, you will perform”.

Therefore I am sure he has a bright future ahead of him. If he is doing this well at such a young age then the sky is the limit for this young equestrian.