SuperSport Let’s Play Sport Star of the Year Awards for Vista newspaper in Welkom

The prestigious SuperSport Let’s Play Sport Star of the Year Awards for Vista newspaper in Welkom was held on Friday 18 November at the Goldfields Casino Conference Room. First and second places were awarded for Vista.

Our guest speakers for the day was Protea Netball player, Annari van der Poel and Runaldi de Beer from SpecSavers, who has a diploma in sports vision.

Annari’s main message was about remembering why we play sport. She asked a question “Would you rather always loose, or never play the game?”. She inspired the children with a positive message while you are playing sport, especially at school, to work through disappointments, work hard to  succeed, to stay humble, build friendships and to never give up.

SpecSavers came on board by sponsoring 2 pairs of sunglasses for the winners and second places (Infinity sunglasses).

The awards ceremony was a resounding success with over 40 attendees. The coveted awards went to:


1st place – Let’s Play Sport Star of the Year for VISTA

Keschia Scorgie (18)


Keschia Scorgie is a talented sportswoman on many levels. She is the quintessential all-rounder, having excelled in hockey, squash, judo and athletics (cross country). She has achieved in her various sporting codes on a local level through provincial, national and international levels. With two of her sporting codes, judo and squash,  she has attained national excellence, going on to achieve international distinction with judo. With squash Keschia came fourth in South Africa, and captained her school team and the Free State u.19A team. In Judo she came third in SA. She also came third at the Africa Championships, she came third at the Common Wealth Championships. Keshia embodies the ultimate multitalented sport star. Her motto: “Just because you took longer than others, doesn’t mean you failed”


2nd place – Let’s Play Sport Star of the Year for VISTA

Jaydene Stevens (18)


Jaydene Stevens (18), a grade 12 pupil at Hentie Cilliers High school Virginia has been chosen as the 2nd place winner for Vista. This young woman is currently training under Sensei Gordon Stevens and has a black belt (second Dan) in karate. She has a lot of great achievements for 2016, some which include: received two gold medals in Kata and Kumite at the Northern Free State Karate Championship that was held in 2016. Thereafter she took part in the Karate Winter Challenge and received a gold medal for Kata and silver for Kumite. She also competed at the South African Karate Championship and obtained a bronze medal in Kumite.  Furthermore Jaydene received her Springbok Colours and will take part in the World Karate Championships that will be held in 2018. Jaydene motto: ”If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”