‘Race’, the epic sports drama, among SuperSport weekend highlights

Johannesburg, April 23 – Having taken on almost mythical status, Jesse Owens’ extraordinary story comes to life in the film “Race”, which will be broadcast on SuperSport on Sunday evening (SS1, 8.30pm).

The American sprinter broke through in the early 1930s and his career was thrust into the international spotlight at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, where he went up against Adolf Hitler’s vision of Aryan supremacy.

Overcoming the ubiquitous racism of the time, Owens took the opportunity to travel to Germany to show that he was the fastest man on earth, regardless of his colour.

“Race” is a compelling film that blends elements of courage, determination, tolerance, and friendship. It also gives sustenance to Owens’ legend as one of the world’s first athletic superstars.