Public Relations or PR in short, is a very broad subject.

PRISA defines PR as the management, through communication, of perceptions and strategic relationships between an organisation and its internal and external stakeholders.


Ok – so what does this really mean – one might ask?

Essentially Public Relations is those things that a company does to create a better relationship with people inside and outside of the organization.

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Some of our Awesome PR Services!

Over the past 29 years, Z PR has delivered exceptional Public Relations services to a number of clients

○ newsletter development, design and distribution.

○ social media training workshops
○ public relations workshops

○ marketing research and analysis
○ development of marketing research questionnaire
○ telephonic interviews
○ training staff to do effective telephonic interviews
○ face-to-face interviews
○ mystery / ghost shoppers
○ email surveys
○ Facebook surveys
○ Internet / website polls

○ media conferences
○ conventions
○ exhibitions
○ open house days
○ anniversaries
○ celebrations
○ fund-raisers
○ contests
○ award ceremonies
○ media related events

○ photography
○ design of brochures
○ design of booklets
○ reports / financial reports
○ corporate advertisements
○ publications
○ recording and editing audio- and video
○ preparing audiovisual presentations, including PowerPoint.

○ media releases
○ radio interviews
○ media liaison
○ writing of professional profiles
○ writing of press kits
○ language editing and grammar check of correspondence, website text, etc.
○ writing of radio copy
○ writing of media releases
○ writing newsletter copy, etc.
○ development of a monthly electronic newsletter (PDF format or HTML) for internal or external communication 
development of an electronic magazine or newspaper (PDF format or HTML) for internal or external communication