It’s a go for live WWE – catch it on SuperSport

Johannesburg, April 21 – With WWE officially recognised by Florida governor Ron DeSantis as an essential business, the show goes on this week with three live performances coming to SuperSport.

Three of the most popular staples – Raw, SmackDown and NXT – will take place behind closed doors at the WWE Performance Centre in Florida. Fans won’t be allowed in and employees must wear face masks and get medically screened before they’re allowed to enter the closed set.

The recent WrestleMania event took place under similar conditions and went off safely.

This week’s live shows on SuperSport:
2am, Thursday, April 23: NXT (SL5G / SS4 / SS4A / SS9 / SSM2).
2am, April 25: SmackDown (SL5G / SS4 / SS4A / SS9 / SSM2).
2am, April 28: Raw (SL5G / SS4 / SS4A / SS9 / SSM2).

Replays and highlights will also be broadcast.